Sergi Botella is a collector of Broken Sunglasses and an artist who works with the sound of his closest environment, adapting to each moment some of the least negotiated needs.


wow (at) sergibotella (dot) com

New text on "You got to get in to get out" book. Curated by Carolina Jiménez&Sonia Fernández Pan.
Yandira isolated lktr mix on Sigourney Radio, Dublab Barcelona. 30.11.2020
Performance Fuera de lugar, caminar por un suelo inestable,with Arnau Sala and Violeta Mayoral. 17m2 etHall. 23.10.20
New remix for Plom E.P CZ 200 on Sigourney Discs. In Yandira mode. 01.07.2020
Crash Pads. Peformance at Homesession & Foment excursionista de Barcelona. 12.03.2020
Todo Cambrils a oscuras y yo desde la terraza viéndolo todo, new text on Ojos sin fin que la noche ha abierto en nosotros. Magazine A*Desk, curated by Alba Mayol Curci. 13.01.2020
Crash Pads. Peformance at SECTOR 3.anòmia acc015. Barcelona, 04.10.2019
HOT Remix. 12 Hours playing with dj Nicotronik. Sala Vol, Barcelona, 06.07.2019
C.C. Crack djing. Old Dogs. La Lluerna. Terrassa, 29.06.2019
Deadline aka Sergi Botella with Olatz Azcona, Violeta Mayoral, Anna Irina Rusell, Marc Vives, Lara Fluxà y Arnau Sala Saez. Performance at Sala Vol. Barcelona, 28.06.2019
Sergi Botella at Red Light Radio. Amsterdam, 01.04.2019
About reciprocity, new text on Residencies Exchange. Hablar en arte edition.
Donations project. News From Salieri live among others. The Bass valley.Barcelona, 30.03.2019
Desayuno con Diamantes. Book by Sergi Botella and Pere Llobera. Cru editions. Alex Gifreu design.
TED Broken Menisc - Geraldine - Debruit - Sergi Botella. Ass. Freedonia. Barcelona. 24.11.2018
Hidden Agenda. ZEN 55. Text action. Sala VOL. Barcelona. 11.10.2018
Sangre Diagonal 3, La Lluerna, Terrassa 29.9.2018
Help Me, a text for Pere Llobera's exhibition "Kill your Darlings" at SIS Galeria. Sabadell. Barcelona 7.9.2018
dj set for ZEN55 new party in Barcelona with PATIÑO-AIAIAI-Excontinent-UBK-David M.Romero. BeGood club. 30.6.2018
Hi Julio. A new sound work in a tape format for Mandró records. 12.3.2018
Ondertussen: Anna MorenoThe Drowned Giant. sound action. Stroom. Den Haag. 20.1.2018
TENTENTENTENTENTENTENTENTENT Sound Presentation. Surco records. Medellín. 19.10.2017
Workshooping. Taller ITM. Medellín. 9.10.2017
Re_Visions. 10 anys de vídeo a BCN Producció La Capella Barcelona. 16.5.2017
Sergi Botella play Preset rmx "Bailar Mal" Sala Usurpada Barcelona. 7.5.2017
TODO HIPER with Pere Llobera at Passatge Studio Barcelona. 12.11.2016

Sangre Diagonal MACBA Barcelona. 10.12.2016

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros + Sergi Botella MOOG Barcelona. 28.7.2016

"Pantalla fantasma" HAND CRASH MADE live at Tabakalera Donosti. 8.5.016
HAND CRASH MADE Radio edit live at Festival MART 3 Terrassa. 18.3.2016
Gestalt una paroximació al Gest extrem DAFO Lleida. 10.3.2016
Visceral Blue a part of exhibition with "La casa de dios" La Capella Barcelona. 4.2.2016
T-Festa. T-Shirts presentation Bilbao. 15.1.2016

HAND CRASH MADE live at Bluproject Foundation Barcelona. 9.1.2016
Modern stamp Patologies inside PARA MALALTIA. Liminal Gr Barcelona. 6.10.2015
Records des de Luna Park "Constel·lacions Familiars" Espai d'art Moritz Cornellà 1.10.2015 - 30.10.2015
A new stolen illustration from the spanish patent bank for EL DORADO Sociedad Flamenca Barcelona. 2015

Gestalt A public presentation of my residence in Nau Estruch inside de Dirty "Dancing Program " Sabadell. 27 .6.2015

TECHHH-NO Some aproximation to the relation of Techno and art with Angel Molina, Raul G. Pratginestós, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Sonia Fernández Pan. 05.6.2015
Records des de Luna Park "Constel·lacions Familiars" Figueres 20.2.2015 - 12.4.2015
Nau Estruch Sabadell artist in residence 1.1.2015 - 30.6.2015
C.C Crack plays Latsirc "Bailar Mal" Barcelona. 28.11.2015
Nonument " Catalunya en miniatura 2 " MACBA 10.09.14 - 8.2.15
Recreational Duty Junefirst gallery Berlín. 25.4.14
Squarepusher, Lecture La Capella, Barcelona. 13.11.13
Tallar-se una ungla per netejar la merda de les altres La Capella, Barcelona. 8.10.13






of the work of Sergi Botella has developed from the meeting point and confusion of autobiographical fantasies with electronic music, either sampled or direct. Founder of the labels Dóna-li Records, Mandró and Sigourney, also part of the improvised electronics project Perdurabo/Perturbado, currently his work comes together in performative, spoken and techno presentations. Live narrated and sound in real-time, an exercise halfway between sound electronics and existential remixing. His exemplified explanations flow in an atmosphere charged with self-suggested lies and the most honest stories, interdependent of each other.